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New Arrivals:
The new ZT0452CF with Carbon Fiber and Titanium Framelock with S35VN and ZT0900 designed by Les George with titanium and S35VN are now instock. Also Arriving are more of the Gransfur Bruks small forest axes and Scandinavian forest axes. Finally we have received some of the new Brous Blades Silent Soldier Flippers with steel liners and black G-10 handles.
New Arrivals:
The new ZT0630 designed bu Emerson with G-10 and S35VN are now in stock along with one of their new pens (0010EB). Also arriving is the new Benchmade Valet (485) with Grey G-10 and M390 blade, Loco (808) with S30V, and more of the 761. Finally we received the new CRKT GSD flipper, Boker Kwaiken flipper with VG-10 and Carbon Fiber, and the new Boker F3 with their first use of S30V.
New Arrivals:
The elusive Hinderer/ZT0562CF with M390 and Carbon Fiber are now in stock. Also arriving is the new Limited Edition Benchmade Mini Rukus with Forest Green G-10 and a black plain edge blade of S30V.
New Arrivals:
New Pieces from ADV Tactical are here along with more Sebenza 25s and a small snakewood Sebenza. Also the Emerson/ZT 620 with Elmax and G-10 with a Black DLC coating are now in stock.
New Arrivals:
Bunch of new stuff is here including 2 Medford Praetorian with black G-10. Also arriving are the new ZT Emerson coloration 0620CF with Carbon Fiber and M390, Limited edition Kershaw knockout with ELMAX and brown aluminum handle, the new Spyderco Foundry, and the Roadie
New Arrivals:
Just in for the holidays is a bunch of Spartan Blades including the Akribis folder and V-14 Dagger. Also arriving are the sought after Gransfur Bruks Small Forest axes, Splitting ax, and wildlife hatchets. Finally, we received several of the first batch of Brous Blades Bionic 2.0s which is a noticed improvement over the originals and they are in several colors including Black, Blue, Bronze, Green, and Silver.
New Arrivals:
The new Brous Blades Caliber flippers are here with a dagger ground blade and Carbon Fiber handles. Also arriving is the new Benchmade 761 which is the first folder from Benchmade to use he thrust bearing pivot making a very smooth opening M390 blade with Titanium handles.
New Arrivals:
Quite a few things arrived just in time for the holidays. Some of them include signed Chris Reeve Green Beret 7" and Pacific and the 2014 Benchmade Gold Class 710-142 with Carbon Fiber and C-Tek handle with Damascus blade. Also arriving are the new Spyderco Rubicon which won import knife of the year at Blade (C187CFP), K2 folder (C185TIP), Slysz Bowie folder (C186TIP), and hard to find Para Military 2s with black blade and camo handle (C81GPCMOBK2). Finally, the long awaited ZT 0562 with black G-10 and Elmax Hinderer designed slicer flipper arrived.
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