TSPROF Pioneer Sharpening Kit TS-P1230020

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The TSPROF® Pioneer sharpening system has a stylish look while being useful and efficient. The wooden ball handle fits in your hand nicely and gives you better control over the movements of the abrasive. The parking element allows you to fix the abrasive holder and makes it easy to turn the blade, change the abrasive, and visually check the surface of the stone.

When you purchase the TSPROF® Pioneer sharpening kit, you get a reliable tool for household knife sharpening that brings together usability, efficiency and stylish appearance.

For easy storage, the frame of the device can be removed and the body can be folded.

The TSPROF® Pioneer contains five diamond plates with different grits from 150 to 1000 that allow you to start sharpening right away and cover the entire sharpening process. With angles from 12° to 26° per side, you can sharpen just about any knife you have at home.

The TSPROF® Pioneer is the most lightweight of the TSPROF® sharpeners (its weight is only 1.4 kg), and it can be fixed to the table using the supplied G-clamp. The base of the Pioneer allows you to mount it on the K03 heavy steel stand so you dont need to clamp it. Sharpening knives on the TSPROF® Pioneer is convenient both for left- and right-handed people, because all elements of the device can be arranged for the left or right hand.

The TSPROF® Pioneer kit includes:

— TSPROF® Pioneer sharpening device

— Diamond plates, 5 pcs.