Olight Seeker 4 Mini NW, Black with UV

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Emitter: High Performance Neutral White LED and 760mW UV (365nm)

Brightness: 1200lm -> 600lm -> 120lm (3min +41min +25min)

                     600lm -> 120lm (50min + 25min)

                     120lm (5.3hr)

                     15lm (33.5hr)

                     2lm (12days)

Length: 3.43"

Body Diameter: 0.94"

Bezel Diameter: 1.18"

Material: Aluminum

Weight: 3.95oz without battery

Battery: ORB-217C50 modified 18350 x1 (included)

Recharge Type: Magnetic USB Dock

Made in: China