TSPROF Blitz Pro Kit Sharpening System TS-BS21000C

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TSPROF Blitz Pro - professional version of a compact knife sharpener. Blitz Pro is an indispensable assistant for sharpening most types of knives — from the smallest folding to large kitchen knives. Overall dimensions of the sharpener: 13x12x12cm.
The weight is only 1.5 kg. It is easy to take it with you on a friendly outing in nature, it is convenient to store it at home.

Blitz Pro is equipped with a Flip-n-Sharp rotary mechanism that allows you to sharpen the knife without removing it from the clamps. A unique feature of the device is the V.C. Angleset system. Setting the angle on the Blitz occurs due to the movement of the knife relative to the virtual center. Which gives additional comfort when sharpening and reduces the impact of abrasive on the cutting edge.

The Blitz Pro body has a black anodized coating made according to the international Qualanod standard. Anodizing gives the sharpener a stylish appearance, strengthens the aluminum structure and increases corrosion resistance.

Blitz Pro is equipped with whole-milled aluminum clamps, which are made of high-strength aircraft aluminum with black anodizing. The clamps move along the entire length of the frame in one movement and allow you to position the knife as accurately as possible. Due to the monolithic design of the clamps, they have increased resistance to pressure on the abrasive, thereby ensuring the consistency of the angle at all stages of work, from roughing to finishing. The clamps do not require calibration and adjustment to blades with different geometries. They allow you to sharpen kitchen, folding, hunting, multitool knives with a spine thickness of up to 4.5 mm. The length of the frame is 105 mm, which allows you to sharpen a knife with a blade length of up to 280 mm. The clamps are adjustable with an L-shaped key of 2.5 mm.

A distinctive feature of the Blitz Pro version is the hinge unit, which is not limited by the size of the body. The 360 hinge unit gives complete freedom when sharpening. The range of sharpening angles with a 360 hinge has been increased to 70° (35° per side). Which significantly expands the range of sharpened knives. The abrasive guide is installed in a hinge assembly with a gap of only 0.02 mm. The silent movement of the guide rod gives a new level of comfort when working. 

The guide rod of the abrasive holder is made of steel. The stops of the abrasive holder, the coupling and the limiter are made of aluminum with black anodizing. The rod allows you to clamp up to 150 mm long abrasives on blanks.

Included with the device five diamond plates on galvanic binder, with different grain sizes: