TSPROF Kadet Expert Sharpener TS-KD20001D

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TSPROF® Kadet Expert sharpening system means perfect sharpness of your knives always at the fingertips. Universal clamps allow you to sharpen both folding and large hunting knives.

All you need for good sharpening in the TSPROF® Kadet Expert sharpener: rotary mechanism, angle range from 8,5 to 28,5 degrees, rigid construction and absolute precision in every detail.

The rotary mechanism of the TSPROF Kadet Expert sharpener will help to maintain the same sharpening angle on both sides of the knife. After the flip, the lever firmly fixes the frame with clamps.

The TSPROF Kadet Expert frame is compatible with any clamps from the K03 sharpening system. Fillet, single, classic double clamp and even a small universal table for sharpening tools.

TSPROF ® Kadet Expert is easy to disassemble and fold for storage or transport. The weight of the device makes the sharpener mobile and gives sufficient stability when sharpening.

The TSPROF ® Kadet Expert + kit allows you to start sharpening knives at once, without a long choice of abrasives. The kit already includes 5 TSPROF ® diamond plates of various grain sizes, from very coarse (Extra Coarse) to finishing (Very Fine). These plates do not require soaking or the use of oil.

The Kadet Expert+ kit includes:

— TSPROF® Kadet Expert sharpening device

— Diamond plates, 5 pcs.


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