Work Sharp Ken Onion Elite MK.2 Knife Sharpener WSKTS-KO2-ELT

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The Ken Onion ELITE Mk.2 sharpening system is the ultimate benchtop sharpening solution for those who want the sharpest edges and the highest level of precision and control. Includes two ways to sharpen – The Sharpening Guide Cassette provides precise and repeatable sharpenings on knives, scissors and tools, while the Blade Grinding Attachment provides larger belts, a wider range of angles and edge profile control for those looking to take sharpening to the next level. Quickly change between sharpening modes without tools or complicated set up times, it’s fast and easy to get next level results on every edge. From touching up the edge on your favorite knife to custom grinds on a fun project, the Ken Onion Elite delivers the pinnacle of sharpening performance and freedom. Designed in partnership with knife making legend Ken Onion. 

P120-Extra Coarse, X65-Coarse, X22-Medium, X4-Fine, and 6000-Extra Fine belts included.


Assembled in: USA