Work Sharp Precision Adjust Upgrade Kit WSSA0004772

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The Work Sharp Precision Adjust Upgrade Kit includes seveen abrasive grits and a carry case for expanding your Precision Adjuust Knife Sharpener system. The Upgrade Kit contains two Tri-Brasive™ assemblies, a leather strop, a ceramic serration sharpener, and a premium carry case. The coarse Tri-Brasive™ assembly includes 220, 320, and 400 grit diamond plates to quickly restore a sharp edge. The fine Tri-Brasive™ assembly includs 600, 800, grit diamond plates along with a fine ceramic stone to hone to an incradibly keen edge on any knife. The included leather strop refines and polishes your knife to a scary sharp edge. The ceramic rod on the back of the leather strop hones serrations. The included premium carry case keeps the system with all the abraisves organized and where you want them. 


Grits: 220/320/400, 600/800/Extra Fine Ceramic, Leather Strop

Assembled in: USA  


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